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 All colour prices are base prices they are subjected to change depending on length and fullness of hair. Please call and book your consultation to get a better quote on your services wanted.

COLOR                                                    $75 +UP


FULL HEAD FOILS                              $120 +UP


HALF HEAD FOILS                                $98 +UP


BALAYAGE (50% deposit required when booking)               $225+UP

ELUMEN FOILS                                   $168+UP

HALF HEAD                       

ELUMEN FOILS                                    $180+UP

FULL HEAD                         

** Custom vibrant colours including Elumen or Vibes(direct deposit colours) are customized to each individuals hair requirements to achieve full vibrancy. These appointments require an in person consultation before booking your appointment so we can give you an accurate quote on your upcoming service. We also require a 25% deposit as we are booking a large amount of time for major hair changes** 

MEN'S COLOUR                                     $55+UP


PERM                                                        $100+UP


LADIES CUT ONLY                                        $40+UP


LADIES CUT & STYLE                                   $52+UP


LADIES WASH & STYLE                                $35+UP


MEN'S CUT & STYLE                                     $25+UP


BOYS CUT & STYLE                                       $20+UP

 (Between 7 & 14)


GIRLS CUT & STYLE                                      $24+UP

(Between 7 & 14)

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